Show Tucker overwhelming support and Let’s Make the Leftist Smear Strategy a Liability. Media Matters received 501(c)(3) status yet 90 percent of its content is devoted to attacks on Fox News.
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Stand with Tucker
Media Matters received 501(c)(3) status yet 90 percent of its content is devoted to attacks on Fox News.

Former Clintonite and founder of Media Matters, David Brock, once described Media Matters' purpose as an all-out campaign of “guerrilla warfare and sabotage” against Fox News.

The Soros-Funded Media Matters is not a media watchdog rather an organization of guilt hustlers and virtue signalers trying to shut down debate. In Fact, Media Matters maintains lists of Fox News’ advertisers and the total number of ads they run on the network. From his platform, Media Matters President, Angelo Carusone encourages leftist-tools to harass Fox News’ advertisers. Cursone “urged media buyers and advertisers to strongly reconsider financially supporting what is going on at Fox News”. What a hustle!

Here are the advertisers who have pulled out or considering pulling out of Tucker's show -
Deliver your petition to these businesses today and let them know you will not accept their decision to bow down to the Left's pressure.

Attacks on Tucker Carlson are not about offensive speech. Carusone (Media Matters President) uses offensive speech in his blogs regularly including: “Japs”, “Jewish Gold”, and “Trannies”. Tucker Carlson offends Angelo Carusone because Tucker raises valid points that devastate leftist postmodern types. Don’t let some globalist blowhard determine who you watch at night.

We, the consumers of Fox News, will call the shots. Stand with Tucker and “never bow to the leftist mob's attempts to silence us, no matter what”.

Thank you for your continued support,
Stand With Tucker Coalition

P.S. Stand with Tucker Carlson. Do NOT let Fox News give into the pressure to fire him. Do NOT let the Left or Media Matters bully him into submission. Do NOT let the advertisers dictate who gets to speak!
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